Approvals for Surveys & Focus Groups

Depending on the nature of the proposed project, the following approvals may be required in order to seek IRIS’ support for conducting surveys or focus groups on campus.

Survey Approvals

Survey Purpose

Survey Population

Approval Needed

Internal Program Assessment

Faculty Provost, relevant Dean
Staff HR, relevant VP
Students Provost or relevant VP, Student Affairs

Research, Intended for Publication

Faculty IRB, Provost, relevant Dean
Staff IRB, HR, relevant VP
Students IRB, Provost or relevant VP, Student Affairs

In certain instances, a review by the Office of General Counsel or other relevant offices may also be required.

Proposals involving requests for samples of Notre Dame alumni, parents of students and alumni, and other off-campus constituents should be directed to Development. Please note that email addresses for those populations are generally not available.

As a general rule, IRIS can support student classroom projects only if they are co-sponsored by a University administrative unit and serve an assessment purpose. Our office does not have the capacity to support faculty or student scholarship projects.

Any research where data could potentially be used for a publication or conference presentation may require an Institutional Review Board approval. An IRB approval cannot be granted retroactively and has to be obtained prior to data collection. Please consult Notre Dame IRB for further guidelines.

For questions, please contact Adrea Hernandez at (574) 631-3549.